Friday, June 1, 2012

The PAOs Maintenance: May 2012

Month of May had been very hectic for me, so the PAOs got to deal with processed food - kibbles.

Monthly average for the PAOs expenses as per May 2012:
Food: RM223.40 RM179.40
Treats: N/A
Veterinary & Medical: RM48.90
Accessories & Miscellany: RM40
Total Monthly Expenses: RM268.30

Expenses for may had been under control, mainly because I hardly have the time to go shopping due to exam period. Food wise, I had to return and got a refund of RM180 for the bag of Taste of The Wild dog kibbles to the shop I bought it from because it is on the Diamond recall list ( although local supplier denied his batch of supplies are affected, but they couldn't and wouldn't trace the source of the supply), hence the difference in the total food expenditure. Went and got a bag of 7Kg Orijen at price of RM136 for the PAOs, they didn't quite like it compared to TOTW but after a day, they both wipe everything clean from their bowl. Manage to get some fresh chickens and pork liver from local supermarket in between study breaks, at round up figure, 3 fresh chickens with head and feet cost around RM30, as for the pig liver, it was RM2.90 for a large slice. Manage to get 2 fresh pork knuckles at RM10.50 for the PAOs to chew on ( and for them to clean their teeth).

Didn't spend any for treats, because mom baked a lot and she kept a small portion of the plain dough to make into treats for the PAOs. ^^

Dao Sah Pao in the car, on the way to animal hospital for X Ray

Spent a little on medical for Dao Sah Pao on May, mainly because she got a minor infection on the incision site ( where she was spayed), her vet was kind enough to check and dispense antibiotic FOC, and I had to make a trip to local drug stores to get a new cotton roll and antiseptic cream to apply on the incision site, after cleaning with iodine. Shortly after Dao Sah recovered from the infection, she had constipation and was in pain, she wasn't able to walk initially, and upon initial inspection by the vet, on the safe side, he suggested that I take her for X Ray in nearby animal hospital just in case it has a blockage or problem with her pelvic ( she had a fractured pelvic before I adopt her). Luckily it wasn't the pelvic nor blocked intestine, she was just having a constipation, and her daily diet will have to include a higher fiber source, ie steam pumpkin.

Scratch, scratch, scratch..

Spent RM40 on basic grooming for Teh Pao because she was suffering from seasonal atopy, it was worse than usual, although I tried to keep her indoor most of the time, but being the sunny month of May, pollen just found their way into everywhere, carried by wind mostly. Teh Pao's groomer did a great job in bathing her, with the help of medicated shampoo ( Malaseb), and the use of prednisone, we manage to keep her allergy under control. =)

Expenses for May is manageable, but I wasn't so keen in having both the PAOs on processed food in the long run. Raw feeding been proved to be helpful in Teh Pao's allergy and I intend to put her on raw feeding, kibbles will have to be the last resort then. 

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