Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attitude says it all, that's professionalism!

So I've got a refund on the bag of " potential salmonella contaminated" dog food ( TOTW) from the pet shop I went to. It was quite sad to the fact that both the PAOs love that kibbles ( if you ever have the chance to get to know my fussy little bitches at home, they are extremely fussy when it comes to their food). My faith shaken after this incident, well, not towards the pet shop of course, the owners were cool ( and mature) enough to take things easy, despite the fact that I'm a difficult client at some point, in fact I was impressed with their service attitude. The smile is always on the face, taking extra steps to ensure I'm comfortable even it wasn't a pleasant meeting. I was surprised that after they got my complain they've actually looked up on the net, checked their stocks and stop selling certain brands which are affected until it is proven safe. Now that's professionalism, as to the local supplier for Taste of the Wild (TOTW), learn some stuff from this young couple, dude! 

Here's a brief write up on my encounter with the local supplier for Taste of the Wild, I would say it is a shame to the fact that they seemed more concern over their sales of product/ money making rather than the safety and health of their clients ( both human and animals!). Spoke to Mr. Dev ( the person representing local distributor for Taste of the Wild and a couple more brands) over the phone this morning on regards of the issues I raised ( see here). 

That TOTW guy.., lemme put it this way: When I mention about the potential risk that I'm taking on regards of the safety of the bag of dog food, our friend here tried to assure me that Diamond has a couple of manufacturing plants throughout The State ( I knew this!!), and the batch of dog food brought in are from the previous batch, which is not from the South California plant. When I confront him upon the production code which stated that it is from the very same manufacturing plant affected with the salmonella fiasco ( the "X" printed on the 10th or 11th position indicated which plant produced that bag of dog food), our guy here pretended not to understand my point and tried to deny it by saying NO, but without any supporting facts! As for the sticker placed right on top of the production code, intentionally mislead consumers on the expiry date, well, he pretended not to understand what is that, of which I told him off in a sarcastic manner. Talking about service attitude and ethic huh? That's the not- so- pleasant encounter of mine with this Mr. Dev from Gill Chall Sdn. Bhd.

Come on! Why is it so difficult to admit your mistake and take necessary steps in making things right?! All you got to do is to say that golden word " SORRY", things could have been much better. Judging from the way he speak over the phone and his attitude, can't tell how serious he is in his job or business, but I can definitely place him in the armature category in terms of his customer service skills. I've not underwent any form of professional training in terms of customer service and handling but at least I knew the golden rule is to say the golden word, whether or not who is at fault, then only you start to sort things out. Mr. Dev here is lucky that I was able to keep cool and in my usual firing mode otherwise someone's gotta hurt ( with his ego). Lousy customer service is one thing that I cannot tolerate.

So after getting a refund, had a small chat with the shop owner, decided to send Teh Pao for grooming. Had a little struggle then, princess Teh Pao decided she doesn't want to be groomed by trying to escape, pulling the groomer/ shop owner all the way out from the grooming area to service area. LOL! Talking about her dislikes, bathing is one of it. =.=  I'm actually thinking of having them as the PAOs' regular groomer, but the downside is they don't do house call, not yet.

Hopped by the PAOs' vet, grab some medication over the counter ( with prescription of course!), and bought a bag of Orijen dog food, owned and manufactured under Champion Pet Food. I've got it once, long before Dao Sah Pao join our household, but had to switch to other product due to cost factor. Now I'm happy that I'm able to get it for a decent price of RM136 for 7Kg pack ( Dr. Dev giving 20% off from the market price for large pack) which I find it affordable for the quality.

The PAOs' food for month of May.
Sorry girls, time is essential for last minute preparation.

In case anyone wonder, the grooming center/ pet shop I went to is September Pet House, which is located in Puchong Jaya. I highly recommend them in terms of their grooming skills for dog, as well as the services.

As for the PAOs' vet, Teh Pao used to go to St Angel Animal Medical Center which is right behind of Tesco Puchong, but I decided to change to the current vet, Kinrara Veterinary Center ( located right behind of Giant Bandar Kinrara), for a couple of reasons. I'm a fussy person, just so you know ;)

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