Monday, May 7, 2012

1 bag of food, double shock. Now what?

So... there are recalls of pet food from Diamond Pet Food ( again!). Unfortunately, this time the PAOs' favorite kibbles are on the list too. I guess I'm thankful that none of them got ill, although Teh Pao had not been herself lately, keeping my fingers cross she is just having her seasonal mood swings. Fixed an appointment with the vet for a checkup for both of them as precaution though.

The 13.6Kg bag that the PAOs loved so much.
Production Code: TDW0103B31XAW

Recalls reference:

Had some unpleasant experience with local distributor in addressing the issues of recalls. Bought the PAOs' bag of food from local pet shop earlier before the PAOs' vet decided to order some too. Spoke to the vet on regards on the recalls and he kindly offered to call and find out from the supplier, of which later I was informed that the supplier assured him that all food distributed are not affected.

As usual, the paranoid me decided to take extra steps in assuring things are done properly, removed the sticker placed ( on purpose??) right on top of the production code and other details. To my horror, there are 5 months gap between the original expiry date and the one stated on the sticker!- 1st Shock!

"You don't put on a white hat and call yourself a saint", do you Mr. Sticker? 

Proceed to check, and double check the production code, another horror! Production code matched with the batch which Diamond "voluntarily recall" because of potential salmonella contamination! ARGH!! I'm sorry PAOs for feeding both of you dirty food *sobs*.- 2nd Shock!

 The "before & after" removal of the sticker. Note the difference in date stated.

Emailed local supplier demanding ( in a polite manner) for a solution, pin- pointing on the possibly fraudulent actions in misleading innocent consumer ( like me and the PAOs!) in believing the details stated on the sticker..blah blah.. but got a rather disappointing reply from local distributor, telling me to send the remaining bag of kibbles back to the very same shop where I purchased and get a refund, avoiding the misleading expiry date. * I think I smelled something fishy here* Of course the stubborn me will demand for an explanation, so lets see what are the outcomes.

Been rather fussy lately, maybe it is something to do with the hormones, or maybe it is also the stress too. Finals starting in a week time, so another month to go before I can have a not- so- stressful routine; hoping to spend more time at home with the PAOs, probably sign up for a short language course, I'm having Thai in mind, but Spanish is a good choice too. Definitely look forward to the shopping trip in Bangkok with mum! Lets see how things go.. 

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