Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little notes on food

Need to note these down before I forget.

Breakfast:: Rather small chicken thigh + boneless mutton + cow lungs

Presumption I had with Teh Pao refusing raw spare parts ie heart, lungs, liver...etc is not entirely the smell of it. Heart was fed as muscle meat, with lungs, especially goats and pork lungs are quite affordable meaty meat. I tried giving cow lungs again this morning, frozen lungs straight from the freezer and Teh Pao had no issues eating it, same goes with pork liver. My guess is texture, maybe it is the slimy texture of those organs that put her off.

I found a pack of cow's lungs with trachea in the freezer, probably one of the scores I got during my trips back to hometown. Set it out to thaw and later cut up into serving size and packed 'em up nicely. I stuffed some lungs with some leftover boneless chicken and pork meat into the trachea turning it into an edible kong to be served soon.

Cow lungs cut and packed into serving size.

Money been rather tight these days, after the recent accidents and extra traveling expenses. I still have in mind to get a freezer soon. I'm also trying out new recipe on fresh natural dog treats, if it turns out well I might consider selling it on pre order basis just to cover my expenses on food experimenting.

Just bath this silly girl two days ago and she had fun rolling and playing with sands this morning.. What a dog!


  1. 跟我家黑黑一样咯,早上冲完凉,下午却钻入那布满灰尘的桌子下玩。what a dog!huiyo~~

    1. 哎哟苦妈,怎么桌下有灰尘没打扫阿?可能黑黑正想帮忙呢