Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weird weather, beginning of allergy season

"Dear Lord, I've a confession. I been lazy, so I conveniently used the word busy to describe my absence from blogging."

Weather been very weird for the past few weeks. Usually at this time of the year, so close to Chinese New Year celebration, the weather should be burning hot roasting someone or something, but it is not.On lucky days, we might get scorching hot days which is good for laundry session ( took only an hour or two to dry a comforter!) but bad for Teh Pao because usually that is when those evil pollen will be everywhere and anywhere, leaving my poor girl scratching non- stop. As for days with terrible rain, even hiding under our blanket doesn't stop us from feeling the chill middle of the night, on the good side, Teh Pao's scratching will stop almost immediately, but this poor girl here will whine because she can't go for her walk ( and she hates water, especially wet/ damp weather/ floor).

In order to stop Teh Pao from turning into an old, naggy witch a professional flute player, I tried to take her out for car ride on rainy days so that she won't start singing middle of the night because it stopped raining and she wanted to go out that time. =_= So far we're coping well with it, but I still prefer to have alternate switch of the extreme weather, otherwise laundry piles up for days and they stink!

Two days ago I went grocery shopping with mum and bought a tray of beef at 50% off. Not the sort of beef that I would want to give it raw to my dog although it is still edible, but cooking a beef stew on a cold rainy night makes a better meal for Teh Pao.

And I got two packs of frozen minced meat ( not quite sure whether it is chicken or pork) from a neighbor who stored 'em in her freezer for close to a year ( and she totally forgot about those meat until recently). I suppose posting a note on natural raw feeding or home cooked meals for pets in the neighborhood forum might be a good way in sourcing for freebies like this, and the opportunity to get to know other raw feeders within this neighborhood ( which is the rare minority).

I'm packing my backpack again..

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