Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cone day

Hot and humid weather is and always is the perfect breeding ground for strange creature. Maybe that's why Teh Pao's allergy flare up again.

This girl was alright yesterday, up to last night before going to bed, she wasn't scratching nor licking her paws. This afternoon, I came home to a bald, bloody patch of chest, which I think must be painful because THIS GIRL HERE refused to lie on my lap ( her favorite throne). She sure did a round of damage to herself while I was in class, paws are all red too.

Cleaned her chest and paws with diluted apple cider and later applied some Tri-Derm Cream given by her vet couple of months ago for the same problem. On the safe side, I put Teh Pao in her cone ( which she has no issue wearing it, even tried to show off that seasonal outfit that matched her coat) just in case. I'm not using any Pred this time round, although I still have enough dosage to last for 2 days ( and yes, usually 2 days is all it takes to bring everything down). I'll see how it goes... 

** As for the broken tooth wise, we went for a couple more visits in different veterinary practice within the same or nearby area. All of them suggested to wait and see how things go, if the fractured tooth is dying or shows any sign of infection, or causing pain or discomfort ( lucky it is not, at least not yet), then the only solution offered is to remove it =( I'm still searching for a specialized veterinary dentistry to have a more professional look at it, hoping that the tooth can be saved.

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