Thursday, April 1, 2010

Emotion rollercoaster

Been enjoying my not-so-busy life for a week or two, well, what can I say..

I did enjoy myself over the last weekend back in hometown, visited the juniors basic first aid course held in my former high school, met up with some friends and classmates, helped out my personal tutor and had some quality time spent with my family. At a point I realise that not many of us could actually enjoy happiness as how we did during childhood. Some people tend to mess up others life by manipulating words, messages or even information's just to cause troubles to others. Well, what can I say? It's the world, reality, nothing much that I can do about it. Personally I understand part of the reason, or at least I was once an observer to that particular person or group, but then I just don't get the point to do so. It's the power struggles I guess, and it's right that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I may not agree to the concept of practicing dictatorship, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate the concept and purpose behind that managing decision as me myself is a dictator in nature and I do practice the very same thing everyone hated ( Irony isn't it? yet it happens). I will not allow others to question certain issues but most of the time I prefer to have opinions voiced out before I make my decision. Under certain circumstances we will need some form of dictatorship to a certain extend, the same goes to democratic. Personally I don't have any problems with people who detest dictatorship, but what I hate to see and hear about certain issues that needed to be discuss and make the outcome answerable to the public were manipulated by the very same person or same group of people who held that " Dictatorship is a total corrupts" yet things they did turned out in the other way round. I won't say it is hypocrisy, but I do doubt their intention and credibility, it is not the matter of policy that I'm questioning, but the purpose. Solutions? Well, I have none, but then those in charge of it should think of reconciliation.

Ahhh... it is nearly midnight and it's time to continue with my revisions. Nevermind my latest post, it the matter of time I should be able to pledge insanity..

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