Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recent raw meals

It is Wesak Day tomorrow, I'm taking this opportunity to steal some time off from reading and familiarized with my statute books.

Recent raw meals for Teh Pao:

Goat tripe + salmon skins + frozen chunk of goat intestine

Goat tripe + boneless chicken + salmon skins

Chicken rib + salmon skins

Chicken rib + boiled carrots + blue berries

Mutton + goat trachea + boiled pumpkin + egg freshly laid from Rosma's ass

There are quite a number of meals I didn't manage to get good photo of, sources of protein are mainly chicken, goat and cows. I've ran out of ducks ( last one was served more than a month ago, that's the last home raised duck), turkey not matured yet, and venison will have to wait till the Holy Rahmahdan month since friend who own the venison farm has all his deer raised and targetted for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebration.

** Updates on 13 May 2014: Receive some emails asking about the reason why I stick to few types of proteins, well here are some of the factors:
a) Pork is one of the few other choice of meat I'ld give, but not too often because my family hardly consume pork and it is a hassle to drive all the way out to a more establish wet market ( higher turnovers, fresher meat).

b) Yes, wild games are available, but I'm not comfortable feeding wild boars due to parasite concern ie trichinosis, and the other factor is the process of killing off a prey, lets just say it is way too cruel. I knew how things are done, and sometimes when seasonal hunters missed the head shot, hunters would sit, keep an eye, send out a dog to follow, and they just take a sip of tea have a cigarette to "wait out" the prey, and that would take hours for a badly injured wild boar to collapse.

c)  Variety is pretty limited, as much as the Chinese believe that anything with a back facing the sky is edible, choices are pretty limited. We don't have access to camel/ ostrich/ porcupine, bison is non-existence in this country ( just like all other beef or beef related products from US, banned from entering), even the rare occasion of venison is luxury and seasonal.

d) While I try to raise my own chickens and other poultry, sometimes demand is overwhelming ( human consumption), but maturity takes time ( at least 9 months to 1.5years depending on the breed of chickens I keep) hence Teh Pao will get her share whenever slaughtering took place. NOT all my chickens or ducklings survived, I might start off with 30 chicks of various breeds, only a little more than half survived to adulthood.

e) Cost - major concern. When I do grocery shopping, I do check out prices on red meats. Once in a while to boost sales, the hypermarket near my house would throw out some goodies which was served the day or two before, then mark down the price to clear off so that new arrivals get a place at the refrigerated display shelves. Otherwise buying in bulk from butcher in my hometown is more cost effective but I don't get to go back so often these days, so yeah, it is a "as and when it is available" question to ask.

No, Teh Pao does not suffer from any form of food allergy, hence I'm not worried. The more appropriate question is" WILL my dog eat this part of the animal?" She has texture issues, eats only frozen lungs/ organs, frozen fishes, and no, if it is thawed, she don't touch them at all. 

On other hand, I went to pick up some cow tripe from another friend who recently went back to his kampung for kenduri. He helped with the preparation and slaughtering of the cow, and saved me ( with a reasonable price) large part of this grass fed, free range, kampung- style- raised cow's tripe knowing very well I feed raw, and took the trouble to pack everything nicely in an ice box. We met at a restaurant near my house ( he lives on the other side of the town). Ohh, the blessing of having great friends.

Nearly 5Kg of fresh cow tripe, the half- digested fillings had been served to Teh Pao who loved 'em instantly.

As for me.. exam is still ongoing, 3rd June would be Conflict of Laws ( also known as Private International Laws) and 12th June for Criminology. Contrary to popular belief that Private International Laws paper is easy, I find it very challenging. Not quite sure is it because we were trained to understand and tackle substantive laws since A Levels time that made procedural laws look like an alien, or it is just me not able to grasp the key points to apply from statutes. I'm very fond of subjects like constitutional laws, or even the law of trusts is much more interesting compared to Conflicts, so yeah, while juggling between Brussels Regulations and those Rome Conventions/ Rome I, Rome II, I dislikes this paper.

Was on the phone with dad few days ago, I knew he hopes I'ld pick up commercial and company laws so that I will one day venture into corporate sectors, learn something useful, and when the times come elder brother took over his business, I'll be able to assist. I on the other hand is interested with family and succession, but the main concern is the quality of lecturer and tutor available are very disappointing. Taking this Private International Law as example, lectures are able to deliver very basic info on certain topics and when it comes to marriages and matrimonial causes, everything was taught briefly in class, with one of the lecturer giving wrong cases and applying inappropriate sections and statutes ( which I found out later after spending couple of hours reading and discussing among friends in study groups). Dilemma~ But then, first thing first, try to score for current papers..

Gross photo ahead
I am not liable for any property damage, personal injury or death caused directly and indirectly to the graphic content published ahead of this line. STOP HERE and EXIT if you just had your meal(s).

This morning Teh Pao took a dump at home. She probably had an up sad stomach from eating off me and younger's dinner plate from last evening. Took her out for early potty break and there they are, two larger than usual poop, not so firm which make picking up a little challenging. 

She has firmer stool in the evening and night walk, no issues with eating and drinking, and still very much her normal self, so I'm monitoring her for the night. She got green tripe for dinner with some coconut oil drizzle on top. Expect to see improvement tomorrow.

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