Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pao's Maintenance: March 2014

We're moving towards the end of April, I'm aware of that. Many things happened in the past couple of weeks and I was physically and emotionally drained.

Money spent in March 2014
Food: RM93.25
Treats: RM35.00
Veterinary and Medicine: RM222.00
Accessories and Miscellaneous: RM28.00

TOTAL = RM378.25 

Have quite a bit of raw food stashed up in freezer from previous purchase, including a large bag of grass fed goat tripe and some poultry, and half a bag of Orijen Adult leftover ( also from previous purchase). Bought some yoghurt, tomatoes + leafy greens, another bag of Primal Freeze Dried Turkey and Sardine, and a chunk of steak for a change. Bulk of the food expenses go to that bag of Primal Freeze Dried, don't intend to spend on that one initially but things got bad and my schedule messed up, so I opted the easy way out.


Bought a hand braided chewhide and a box of Orozyme Chews, the later was for Dao Sah Pao who now live in my hometown as a working dog. She loves these chews and the vet we go to happen to put these on 50% off, so I grabbed the largest box with the largest size possible at price of RM17.

Veterinary and Medicine
Teh Pao had issues pooping. It was uncomfortable for her to squad and sometimes painful when she try to poop. Consulted 3 different vets, and had an X ray done, no fracture, no blockage, no tumour, the first vet has no idea what is wrong and suggested to put her on steroid and see the progress, so we went to another practice for a proper consult, that vet suspected spinal or nerve related issues and suggested we go for a second opinion. Waited for 2 days for our vet to reopen ( he went for some courses), he suspected spinal injury due to the mass that showed up in Xray, Teh Pao was on anti-inflammatory for 6 days and things improved, no pain, nothing, but it came back on the 9th day ( third day after we stop the medication). Surgery is an option but wasn't recommended since condition is not that bad, MRI can be done but still the same, invasive procedures not recommended, so after much discussion and consideration, the safest, non- invasive way is to put her on supplement - glucosamine. Things had improved since, but Teh Pao still suffer from pain on and off when she poop ( straining to poop), I've decrease the bone vs meat ratio, and added more fibre in her daily diet, including some herbs ie. tumeric powder, flaxseeds, and others.

I'm also considering acupuncture, but Teh Pao is reactive at sight of needle. Sent her for an acupuncture appointment but Doctor wasn't able to lay any of those tiny needles near her, so we're now back to supplement and diet control.


Bought a tube of Orozyme toothpaste, this is one of the best I've came across. No need to brush her teeth, just apply and leave it. I have no issues brushing Teh Pao's teeth, but this girl is way too smart to stay still for a teeth brushing moment, she would allow me to brush one side of the teeth, then ran off to fetch her toys to play for a few minutes, then only offer me the other side of the teeth to be brushed. With this, I get to apply the toothpaste on her teeth, then only we play. So win- win.

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