Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food and food making

I'm packing again, will be leaving for hometown tomorrow morning. Won't be back until 2 weeks later.

Some of the meals Teh Pao had:
Green Tripe + boneless pork + lungs

Chicken back with neck + boneless pork

Green Tripe with salmon oil

Mutton + Chicken chunk

Since mum and younger brother is not willing to prepare raw food for my dog, I'll have to prepare some home cooked meals.
This is chicken broth
Threw in carrots + pumpkin + 1 small potato + green peas + half a chicken with organs + 3 tablespoon of rolled oats, left it to boil for 12 hours, then blend everything in blender.

3 days worth of food, storing 'em in air tight container and freezing allow it to last longer.

Usually I try not to blend any food because I want Teh Pao to gnaw and chew on her food, which is good for her jaw. Since our friend here can be picky and eat only certain veggies', I'm not taking any chances, hence the blending.

I have another three quarter of  Taste of The Wild left from previous purchase ( yes, kibbles last a looooooong time at home), so for the remaining 11 days, Teh Pao will have to make do with kibble based diet.

The other day I made some dehydrated salmon skin treats, and there were so much of flesh attached to the skin. Since dehydrating thicker and larger piece of skin takes a lot of time and electricity consumption, I scraped off some salmon flesh from the skin and turned them into a meal for Teh Pao. I've also manage to get some pure salmon oil from the dehydrating process, by end of the second day, I've 3 saucer of pure salmon oil and been adding a teaspoon here and there into our meals ( including Teh Pao's).

Pure salmon oil extract

On other hand, I still have quite some meat left in freezer, so I don't expect much expenses for this month, unless there are some really good deals out there, or I happen to come across something worth buying in my hometown.

Foresee a lot of travelling required, so money will be tight this month, and probably next too. Good news is, I been selling homemade treats here and there. It started because one of the neighbor's dog broke free from leash and was wandering nearby, I lured it with some salmon treats I had with me and gave some to owner because that pooch loved it.

Few days down the road, that neighbor came over to my house requesting to buy " that sinful treats I have", words spread in neighborhood. =/ So now almost every weekend is treat making day for us at home. Took up a lot of time, but Teh Pao is happy because she gets to eat whatever weirdly shaped/ cut treats that is not presentable. I'm still thinking whether I should also start selling chews ( limited supply!) without robbing Teh Pao's share.


  1. 我的天!阿包的食物太丰富了吧?阿包吃了这么多年,有没有吃腻了?

    1. 啊,会不会腻啊?

      等我问问啊包的看法再告诉你 XD

  2. 太丰富了吧!你回家乡带他们回吗?

    1. 嘿嘿嘿,啊Mark看了会不会流口水?