Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bak Gua

Haze is getting worse day by day. I can't go anywhere and had to cancel most of my appointments unless people are willing to meet me in my house.

Teh Pao on the other hand been a very good girl, doing her business twice a day in the front porch and stayed indoor most of the time, playing with all the new toys I bought for her.

Meet Buckley the raindeer, Teh Pao's latest victim.

I been eager to try out new recipe with my toy, dehydrating different types of treats ranging from meat, fruits and veggies, for the humans and dog at home.

Not showing photo on dehydrated fruits and veggies because they are very ugly, and often stored in our stomach before I get the chance to actually take photo of them. hehehe

I've tried making chews for Teh Pao at home, from trachea, ears, tendons and ligaments, I find animal ears ( especially cow's) and ligaments ( any animals) fit into the chewy texture, at same time do not take up much time to have them completely dehydrated.

Chews I made:
Cow's ligament

Cow and Goat's Ears

Treat wise, I personally likes salmon skin treats, but they take a very loooooooooong time to dry completely, with those salmon oil dripping, and me mending the dehydrator at all time is way too much of a hassle.

Anyway, tried a lot of other things, some definitely very yucky, and found fresh lungs ( cow/ goat/ venison) served best, so I made a batch of puffed lungs treat.

Why fresh lungs and not frozen? Outer part of the frozen lungs dry up real fast, but the key is the inner part, if they're not completely dry, given the weather and temperature we have here in this country, these treats will soon turn moldy.

Puffed cow's lungs

Dehydrated beef jerky and some ligament chews

They took approximately 12 to 15 hours to dry completely at 45Celsius.

The last I checked for decent quality of dehydrated treats, usually imported from the Kiwiland was over the weekend ( during Pet World) and those dehydrated lungs cost around RM27 for a pack of 80g!!

I still think getting a simply dehydrator does save my cost from buying commercial treats in the long run. I will be stocking up more of these spare parts from hometown since Fasting Month is approaching.


  1. 那只鼠鹿,最终有没有被五马分尸?

    1. 小猴子和鼠鹿还安康,只可惜小猴子目前被打入冷宫了。。
      怎么玩啊?就是用口叼着然后乱甩一通,不然就是张开嘴巴大大然后摆在布偶身上一直到睡着 =_= 很变态的场面。

    2. Mark也是这样。最喜欢乱乱甩。

    3. 呵呵 看来狗狗真的很爱甩布偶 XD