Saturday, May 25, 2013

Judging each other

Exam is not over yet, next paper on the 29th and 31st May, taking a breath here.

Nothing much special with the PAO at home. Weather was extremely hot and suddenly it started raining for the past two days. Almost everyone at home still down with terrible flu, been more than a week now, blame it on the weather.

Meals Teh Pao had:
Beef slices + green tripe

Chicken drumstick + lamb shoulder slice 

Chicken breast quarter

Mutton + green tripe


So Teh Pao still dislikes raw fishes, taking 'em with much fuss, and ALWAYS leave those heads behind untouched. I wonder why and what is with fish heads? I mean, when Dao Sah Pao was staying with us, she loves raw fishes and will always go for the head first ( eyes actually).

Red meat still her favorite, especially lamb but it is very expensive so usually she gets mutton. Beef is another thing that I might need to keep an eye on, not that Teh Pao have any issues taking beef, but I usually avoid buying any "beef product" imported from India. Those are usually buffalo meat and result in soft stools ( I hate cleaning creamy/ watery poop). 

If anyone ever notice, I hardly serve heart and other slimy internal organs as part of the meals, except for liver and occasionally cow lungs. It is not only difficult and expensive to get in city, those that I came across are either closed to rotten, or been left and exposed in a very unhygienic conditions ( I've seen butcher leaving those organs on wet, dirty floor alongside with the animal carcass because their display table ran out of space). As for those large slaughter house, I'm still trying to convince them to sell off certain parts at decent price instead of just letting things rot and eventually sold at dirt cheap price to be turned into fertilizer, or thrown away.

Got to admit, there are still a lot of strange people out there, with them judging people who practice raw feeding like us, and we judge them as a freak in a trade. LOL.

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