Monday, May 13, 2013

Before vs. After

I've received numerous requests for comparison before and after I put Teh Pao on raw food.

Here you go.

Nothing so great, but there are difference between feeding kibbles and fresh, raw diet.

Both photo were taken in the beginning of allergy season in different years.

Photo taken in 2012, if not mistaken is early or mid April.
It is the third day of allergy flaring up due to evil pollen.
Teh Pao was on kibble based diet ( one of those medium- upper range kibbles).

This is taken recently. We were in the beginning of allergy flaring up. Today marked the first week we're into allergy season. Note the armpit and thigh area, bald, those are sign of scratching and nibbling due to evil pollen. We're now on raw feeding.


  1. 肥佬看了上面那张照片,说他也要找一张床和枕头给他的宝贝儿子——黑黑享受享受.....


    1. 哈哈哈 苦妈你就认命把你的位子空出来就行了咯。。 XD