Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blessed snake year

Chinese New Year celebration in my hometown was awesome, apart from the reunion dinners and catching up with long lost friends, one of the best part I had was meeting Dao Sah Pao and took both the PAOs out for a leash free run in a private school compound ( yes, I graduated from there, and happen to know the current board of directors, they were kind enough to grant entry permission).

Overall, Dao Sah Pao lose some weight, probably due to her being picky, and possibly intestinal worms, so I gave her a round of dewormer and heartgard. Left some wormer to the Indon worker there and next round should be in two weeks time. 

It seems that DSP and the Indon worker had a very close bonding, he took her along to his friends' house during the Chinese New Year holiday he had, and I only manage to meet DSP on the final day before leaving my hometown. I'm glad she did okay over there, she was very excited to meet both me and Teh Pao, on the other hand Teh Pao being the jackass refused to let DSP get near during the first ten minutes of their reunion, probably a slip of mind or something, but I suppose when she remember her buddy, both the PAOs had fun chasing each other, rolling in mud and cat poops *EEWWWWW!!!*, chased some chickens and wrestle. It was a good two hours before they settle down, that's when I took some photo with my crappy phone camera ( explained the poor photo quality).

I'm glad I went home for Chinese New Year with Teh Pao, and I do plan to bring Teh Pao back as often as possible so that both the girls get to meet each other, and I get to see DSP too.

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