Sunday, October 14, 2012


Have some errands to run so I went out of town on Friday early morning. Waking Teh Pao up around 4ish in the morning and let her out in the garden rushing off around 5am.

I guess she wasn't happy with the fact that she had to wake up that early, or I left without letting her know in advance...

Got home on the same night itself ( it was a mere 2.5 hours drive!) to this:

Yes, that is not a happy face! 

She sure knew when and how to show her anger by chewing on my childhood prized possession!

Refused to part with it..

 What? You think dog(s) or any other animals in general have no feelings?

*Rolled eyes*

Try pissing off your neighbor's kitty cat, I'm sure it will leave you some scars.

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