Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Food Testing: Go! Canned food.

I'm back, safe and alive. Was in Pataya and Bangkok, Thailand, had great time there, was very impressed with the Thai's way in stray management. But that's not today's topic.

Before I left for Bangkok, bought a can of GO! canned food for the PAOs to try out. Usually, Dao Sah Pao will be the fussy ass that pick and choose her food, while Teh Pao, as long as it is food, and it smells good, she will eat them without much fuss.

Price wise, as i mentioned before, it is affordable. Quality wise, well, I can see chunks and chunks of real meat other source of fiber ie. potatoes, carrots, peas..etc, so in general the quality is quite good.

Since Dao Sah Pao can be really picky at times, so I gave both the PAOs half a can of GO! wet food as their food ( Orijen Adult) topping. As predicted, Teh Pao polished her bowl, but Dao Sah Pao ate only the wet food and a small portion of kibble, leaving the rest to her new found friend during my absence- a crow.

No picture of the crow available, not yet. As for Dao Sah Pao's eating habit, I'll need to continue with the " eat it or nothing" rule.

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