Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running off schedule

Just as I thought I could do with a couple of weeks staying at home, or working near home, so that I can spend more quality time with the PAOs instead of just greeting them in the morning and a slight pat on their head before rushing out to work, inconsiderate people often spoil my plans and expect me to change my schedule so that they can meet theirs. Although as much as I wanted to head back to Perak as often as I wanted to, but what I'm looking at is a short trip of maybe three to four days, then make my trip back home. Yeah, separation anxiety doesn't only apply to dogs, even the owner too has it. Anyway I shall reserve that for the next post, that is if I can still remember.

Had a difficult time getting to sleep last night, been almost a week already, and I'm kind of worried now. I guess I doze off around 5 in the morning today, and work up around 4 in the evening. 11 hours worth of sleep, that is for staying up for more than 48 hours.. not a desirable sleeping habit which now I should pay attention too. Not sure whether I should resort back to rely on prescription though, maybe on last resort.

The PAOs' daily schedule been affected as my sleeping habit changed, felt bad about it. First thing I did after waking up? Dash downstairs to greet them and prepare their meal ( although that meal suppose to be given in the morning =/ ). Somehow I'm glad the PAOs' sleeping habit been changing a little lately too, they were sleeping, which usually they should be playing and waiting by the gate to be taken out for walk. I guess it is the changes of weather that leads to all this? Hmm...

Teh Pao is always enthusiastic whenever I held their food bowl, even it also mean washing and putting it aside in the cabinet. Perhaps it is a habit that we had unintentionally build up with her, food bowl + held in owner hands = good! 

Look at that happy face of hers, how can I not adore her?

As for Dao Sah Pao, she is always the sensible one. Although by meal time when I did pick up their bowls, she would leap in joy and put on her best smile, sitting before the usual feeding spot, at least she is able to differentiate when it means food, and the other time means nothing. Manage to snap a photo of her while she is trying to access the situation of whether she was going to get her belated morning meal at 4pm or just me picking up her bowl to clean it.

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