Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things I had been doing...

I'm NOT SORRY for the lack of update, mainly because this is my blog ( yes it is, so shaddap and read or go play far far k?), and partly because I've started my classes ( READ MY LAST PROPER POST!) and needa take a rocket tour to catch up with the current flow in the class.

CNY wasn't fun at all, I mean minus the 3 days meal + ang pao, I don't feel excited over the celebration at all. Been reading and doing some reaserch online during my break and of course try to get some proper sleep while I still have the chance ( God knows when the hell ATC gonna turn me into another zombie just like everyone else in the earlier intakes).

Been leaving my lappy on most of the time, so sorry if I didn't reply any of your msg on MSN/YAHOO/SKYPE/FB Chat...etc, it is either I wasn't around or was very busy or don't see the point of replying, so if you wanna get annoyed, go on and may you get old real fast with lotsa wrinkles twinkles, best wish from yours truely, no worries I won't buy you coffins XP

As for those who tried to call me but couldn't get through or I didn't answer, it is either I was busy and will call back moments later, or you sucks and I don't wanna answer your calls. Simple straight forward answer, take it or leave it. Yess, this is my blog and I'm crapping here at 3.49am WTF~

For those who erm.. have an appointment with me PLZ do contact me to double comfirm it; those whom I'm suppose to meet but couldn't make it, well it's not you, it's me, so sorry; and those whom I needa clear some log or have things to ask/deal with me but not urgent, we'll discuss when meet online k? Don't call unless really urgent TQ Kam Xia Terima Kasih

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