Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Feel like a fucking doll.

Thought I am lucky to get away from being a dutiful doll by leaving that place yet it is just the beginning of another fucked up life.

Lay people laid their eyes on my lifestyle, deep in their heart hoping that someday somehow they will get to have a life like mine; but they never know how fucked up it is to have a life like this, a screwed up one indeed.

I feel like a bird caged in this huge mansion, or shall I say a prisoner, a tool to others' ambitions?
Yes, life is a fucking bitch, so screw it.

I thought I found my happiness, my salvation, my freedom, the feeling of life, but I was wrong. It is just a different prison with the same old life.

I can no longer cry for I had forgot how it is to be a human.

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