Thursday, November 26, 2009

Take me home, will you?

Hey all, still remember Specky??

Here's a brief intro' for those who don't. I bought him from a petshop near my college when I was there to collect some food ordered. He was among his siblings who were ( supposely) put to death using a very cruel way - by pouring boiling hot water on them while all of them are still alive. Reason given by that shop's owner was Specky ( and his siblings) had been there for more than two months and nobody would buy them for the following reasons:

a) They no longer look cute enough to charm humans.
b) They ( especially Specky) have fur which made them look like rats ( longkang tikus), thus nobody would want to spend money on rats.

When I first met him, he was shivering at a corner of the dirty storage box ( which they were placed in while waiting for their execution) due to mal-nutrition and fur lossdue to skin infection. Well, I couldn't afford to buy all of them nor can keep that much of hamsters at home at the moment. However, when I went back to the same shop the following day, I ws informed that I was too late for the rest of them.

Here's Specky after being with me for 5 weeks, he's getting better and no longer suffer from skin infection, and I'ld be glad to find him a new home with kind and caring owner. I'll be giving him up without any adoption fees nor claiming his medical bill from the new owner, with the following conditions:
  1. Love, care and respect Specky as an individual ( don't forget they have feelings too!).
  2. Never leave it roaming around in the house unattended to avoid unnecesary threat to his safety nor feed him to your other pets ( i.e. Snake, cat, dog...etc)
  3. Never house him with another hamster, REMEMBER: Syrian Hamster is solitary and would never enjoy having another hamster in its own territory!
  4. Update me from time to time on Specky's progress, I would be glad to know how's he going with his new home.
  5. PLEASE! Don't approach me if you can't be commited in providing Specky a home for coming 2 to 3 years ( Normal Syrian hamster can live up to 3 years!).
  6. Lastly, never ever give him low quality food or processed human food ( i.e.Chocolate, biscuit, chewing gum...etc),those stuffs are very harmful to hamsters' health.

Here's Specky's profile:
Name: Specky ( named so because he has a pair of white- frame- spectacle, but you may rename it) =D
Breed: Syrian Hamter
Age: Around 4 months old
Gender: Male
Main Diet/Food ( Brand): Harry Hamster ( without sunflower seeds and groundnuts)
Treats: Sunflower Seed and Groundnuts ( maximum 3 per day), Carrot/Celery/Apple/Pear
- Protein Source: Egg White, Meal worm ( twice a week)
- Calcium Source: Calcium Block for small animal ( prescribed by local vet)
- Others: Multivitamin Drip twice a week ( prescribed by local vet)
* Supplements may not be necessary all the time.
Toilet Training: Yes
Bedding ( Brand): Chipsi Classic

For those kind-hearted Samaritan who can provide a loving home for Specky, do please contact me at dukenikkon(@)gmail(dot)com or drop a comment in this post and I shall attend to you personally. I would really appreciate if you can at least do some basic research on how to care for hamster/ or have some basic knowledge before contacting me. =)

Everyone deserve a chance.

Will you take me home??

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