Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pet World Malaysia 2013, updates.

Will head over to midvalley exhibition hall for Pet World in the afternoon, probably after lunch hour. After all today is the last day, apart from the goodies ( samples, discounts and freebies), it is also the platform for pet owners to find out more new products for your pet dog/ cat/ small animals. 

As for Teh Pao?

Nop, she won't be going with me, keeping her strictly indoor due to her allergy and the haze ( Thanks to Indonesia!! WTF).

So I'm back from Pets World 2013. Haze is terrible!!

Not so impressive, but there were couple of surprises...
Merrick Dog Food, Primal Freeze Fried Food ( or treats) and Grizzly Salmon Oil are now available in Malaysia!!

Bought these:

2) Merrick's Smothered Comfort Grain Free Canned Food
*Wanted to try the turkey recipe ( Thanksgiving Day Dinner) but sold out, so bought Smothered Comfort for a try instead. It is basically chicken thigh and some other stuff in it.*

3) Go! Grain Free Fresh Water Trout & Salmon
4) Kong Cozie - the Raindeer now renamed Buckley ^^

Teh Pao is very excited upon my return..
Poor Buckley is now the new victim of Teh Pao.

Other than that, got a lot of freebies: 
Will be keeping only a few for Teh Pao.
Farm dogs and cats back in hometown will be the beneficiaries to most of these goodies.


  1. 阿包,妳打扮到酱美,结果妳的主人竟然不带妳出门.....@@

    1. 结果主人冒着生命危险出门,千辛万苦的把许多宝贝带回家,阿包竟然移情别恋,抛弃了小猴子转向raindeer示爱。。。@@