Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Until then..

Leaving in a couple of hours.

So many things not done yet, haven't even pack my luggage.

This is one of my favorite photo of Teh Pao
That pink vest was mine. Mum made it, pink for me, green for elder brother.
I used to wear it to bed when I was around three or four years old every single night without fail.
Didn't know mum kept it all these years, even after both me and elder brother was sent away.
Mum used to made pajamas for us when we were kids, pink vest is just one of the many comfy clothes at home back then. 

I can't fit in anymore.
Teh Pao wore it for a few months until she too, grew out of it.
I've washed and packed a few other childhood clothes ( still in good condition) and some other stuffs to be donated to local charities. Judging on the condition of the children clothes that mum made during those days, I suppose we didn't get the chance to wear those handmade clothes a lot. Too many coincidences.. then fourteen years passed, I came home not able to fit in those clothes anymore.

Anyway, I shall be back by end of the week.
Will be visiting Dao Sah Pao during my trip back to hometown.


  1. 你一路顺风har,我知道阿包不懂得什么叫思念的啦,所以我会帮她想念你。。。。。:O


    1. 看了照片后黑黑会不会晚上发恶梦?XD