Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food motivation

With the variety of meats I got from recent purchase, Teh Pao been gorging happily every meal, I too motivated to take down on what she had ( hopefully on daily basis).

Chicken breast chunk with coconut oil

Australian Lamb Shoulder

I passed by a newly opened pet retail while I was on my way home, so I hop in to check things out, ended up buying this:
Turkey Flavor Dog Treats from Ohio, USA.

I did a quick google search and was impressed on the fact that the company took the efforts in revealing their source of raw material/ ingredients ( China free!), that's what prompted me to give it a try. But then I wasn't so please with the content of ingredient that included soy flour, rice flour, rice bran and that damn potassium sorbate used as the preservative.* Refer photo attached below, and compare to the list of ingredients provided in the company official website ( click here).

Ingredient list

Have yet to give it to Teh Pao, so no comment so far.

Anyone tried this treat before?

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