Monday, October 1, 2012

The PAOs' Maintenance: September 2012

This is one of the ongoing effort to keep track on finance.

Monthly average for the PAOs' expenses as per September 2012:
Food: RM207
Treats: RM4
Veterinary and Medical: N/A
Accessories and Miscellany: RM20


Expenses for this month hiked up, spent mainly on food for the PAOs. Main portion of the budget comes from me buying a pack of Acana Single Protein ( Lamb and Apple) which is on 15% off and is very happy with the quality of it. Although kibbles can be convenient, I still stick to the theory of feeding fresh food is better than processed food, so the remaining of the budget for food goes to fresh chicken, beef and other parts as well as one of their favorite fishes - Yellow Banded Scad ( known as Selar Kuning in Bahasa). Food wise, I guess the stock at home will last for at least another three to four weeks, so hopefully I get to cut down on food expenses for October.

The PAOs waiting for their food.

Treat wise, well, I bought a try of eggs to be used as their afternoon snacks. Both the PAOs love hard boiled  eggs in a strange way. Dao Sah Pao loves the egg yolk so much that ( I think) she vowed to eat only the egg yolk only. As for Teh Pao, she is not that fussy, but she always goes after the egg white, leaving egg yolk behind for Dao Sah Pao. Break even, no wastage, which in a way is a good thing, although sometimes I do prefer to smash up both the entire egg and pun in some steamed minced chicken so that the PAOs will have to eat the damn egg as a whole.


Other than that, I spent another RM 4 to get a new mini stainless steel pan to cook mainly for the PAOs, so I included the expenses under the PAOs' budget. Mini size pan comes handy when I only need to cook for the PAOs ( mainly to cook their meal on cold, rainy season). Although both Teh Pao and Dao Sah Pao do fine with frozen or chilled fresh raw food, or kibbles, they have this funny eating habit that I have no idea why and how it happen. When the rainy season strike us at the final quarter of the year, the PAOs' will often refuse their usual food unless it is a chilled home cooked. Which means I'll have to dump in ingredients bought for the PAOs and start boiling/ steam it, leave it to chill, then only the PAOs will eat. Accessories wise, I bought another stainless steel leash for Dao Sah Pao, mainly to leash her up before anyone leaves the house because this silly girl will take her chance to dash out, causing trouble somewhere outside. So for her own safety, everyone at home put on a new ritual by leashing DSP up before leaving, comes back inside the garden to release her, then leave with the gate shut immediately. Rituals like this will have to go on until we got Dao Sah Pao trained ( again!). So that explains the extra expenses under accessories for the month of September.


  1. Those little fish are adorable! I haven't tried feeding whole fish yet due to price and availability. Whole fish are quite expensive and hard to find here.

  2. Hi Losech: Those little fishes are very cheap here in Malaysia and widely available in almost anywhere. Sometimes I try going to local supermarket within the hour before they close for the day, these little fishes will be put on a 20% to 30% sale category to clear stock, which cost around RM5/Kg ( think that should be around 1.50 USD). ;)