Friday, August 3, 2012

Putting baboons in their own place

Made another trip to local council to get Dao Sah Pao's license sorted out..

Both PAOs' license for year 2012, although it is already third quarter of the year.

Bad service attitude spoiled my day. Valuable lesson learnt when dealing with lousy government servants is to always be nice to them, but when they started to behave like a bunch of baboons, turning into a monster is indeed a better options. 

At least things which is suppose to be done is done with the fury eyes and threatening words.

Some people in this world doesn't knew their limits, and often goes beyond their boundaries, and it is one's duty, when issues concerned us, to keep them on track and put these people in their own place.

Damn, and I thought I could be a nice feller for at least a day!

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