Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mutual respect

Well, I guess the kitty nearby decided to join Dao Sha Pao in Bollywood actions.

Meet Kitty the kitty ( pun intended).

Isn't she adorable?

She was taking a nap while me and younger brother dine in for lunch, just a couple of minutes walk away from home. Usually we take the PAOs' along, provided we're not rushing off somewhere nor going to rain because we'll have to take the outdoor seats right at the corner where not many people will pass by. It is about mutual respect though, shop owner is a Muslim origin from India, and he is fine with the idea of his customers bringing along their four- legged companion, well, of course with self- discipline.

Kitty is a stray but I've had her spayed quite some months back after the litter she produced died of "mysterious" reasons. Population control for strays with humane method is relatively low in this area, although efforts been made to reach pet owners, to educate, provides freebies, discounted rates for neutering... blah blah, to a certain extent that there was one period that free neutering was advocated and provided but response was so bad. Well, I guess that will take a long time to change people's mindset. =)

Have a new addition to the pack back in Perak. Officially named Char Siew Pao.

This poor litter guy was separated from his mother at young age of 3 weeks old, not that we wanted to do so but the mother ( from a factory) been abandoning her pups one by one then later attacked them, each died swiftly. Char Siew Pao is the last surviving one. The Nepalese workers from the timber factory decided to give him away, so they got our Nepalese worker to ask for permission to keep. It is good that they're improving in certain way, ie. compassion and responsibilities. 

RIP Brownie

The first dog that we sent over, Brownie died in a tragic road traffic accident mainly because Brownie had been straying around equipped with a brilliant mind, he dug a 1 feet deep hole underneath the gates and ran out one day, that was the very day of his death, hit by an ongoing bus.

Ever since Brownie's accident, this Nepalese worker took the initiative to fix the fence and gates around, securing our farm, place where he is staying all alone. But that wasn't enough to stop burglars and thieves from visiting, stealing and robbing is one thing, hurting workers is one that we cannot tolerate but the police forces are hopeless in that town. So I sent Ah Ptui, a 2 months old puppy adopted from a vet clinic located at nearby town over, as a companion, and later with training, became a watch dog. Since Char Siew Pao will need a home, though not ready for vaccination, the very best we can do is to separate the dogs until this little feller is fully vaccinated. As for training? It started on the very same day Char Siew Pao arrived, by introducing the dogs' sleeping quarter, and other basics. I guess it is a good thing that in their spare time, the workers are taking initiative to do something positive, engaging in planting their own food, keeping pets and so on, that's very much better than the earlier batches whom most of them turned alcoholics and later commit petty thefts in our farm. Good workers and staffs are assets, whether locals or foreigners, as employers we should practice mutual respects, and even encourage them to improve themselves, rewarding them for their efforts.

Meet handsome MANGY, he NEEDS HOME

This old chap here is Mangy, met him in the PAOs' vet clinic, a rescue case and been boarded there for monthsss. A very aodorable old boy, estimated to be around 7 years of age, a little deaf, otherwise he is a cheerful guy that goes around welcoming visitors, he even enjoys people taking him out for walk or just a simple pat on the head! The vet said he is up for adoption but not many express interest in adopting a mixed breed dog, especially he is not a puppy. But then, the clinic staff still keeps high hope for Mangy, who will be castrated for free, fully vaccinated and toilet trained. Anyone interested may leave your email here, and I will send the contact number of the vet.

Bought another round of pork knuckles for the PAOs from local supermarket. 2 medium size knuckles cost RM10.40, which will last the PAOs' for 2 days. The only pork product that I gives to the PAOs are limited to Pork Knuckles and sometimes Spare ribs for them to chew on, those are much healthier compared to commercial beef/ raw hides sold at RM10 per stick that can last for a week. The only downside of giving fresh, raw bones for chewing is that you'll need to supervise them while they enjoy their teeth floss, I don't want any emergency trip to the vet that ended up with X Rays & surgeries due to foreign objects obstructions in their intestine. I do notice that ever since I stop completely on the processed raw/ chew hide bought from local pet stores, Teh Pao's itching reduced a little, though not all. So I suspect her allergy can also be of chemical used to processed those not so healthy chews.

I'm crossing my fingers, hoping the PAOs will be able to live a long and healthy lives. It is strange that locally, you don't see much really old dogs and cats. Old as in years past 13 for dogs, and 16 for cats, I guess it is a matter of care taking, food and welfare which lies heavily on the owners' shoulders, and a minor part played by the Universal Rules, of which, it is also about mutual respect between many parties here. ;)

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