Sunday, October 3, 2010



It's not the world but my very own kin that taught me the lesson of life. Safeguarding one's own interest should be the utmost priority than the rest, 'cuz the others will always eye on you, looking for every single opportunity to get near and grab something from you. I seen and I had been in that position, I knew this game, this old, familiar game. The very same game our ancestors played and now passed down to their decedents. There's no end to this game, there's no end to human's desire, there's no end in their dark and greedy heart.

My own kind, those who share the very same blood is now in the arena, playing the same bloody game. They no longer use spears and swords as their weapon, but words that pierce through one's heart and mind, sentences that kills others' souls - the ultimate weapon of all, poisonous words.

I screamed, not in fear but rage; fire of anger came out from my mouth. I'm doomed, I knew I am, 'cuz I drew attentions. One tiny mistake, one simple word - STOP, leads to another bloody fight. What's next? When will these end? How to solve the problems? Where can I seek help? If so, from whom? No answer, nobody answered, not a single voice answered. Everyone else's busy fighting, fighting for their interest, setting loose their deepest and darkest desire, losing their humanity. Massacre their humanity, a voice said; destroy them, another voice said. What am I now? No wait, whose body is that? Oh look, that's me, I'm long dead. If so, who's talking? Who else is watching the game?

The game continue...

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