Sunday, March 7, 2010

The word before F

Been very lazy lately. Sleep most of the time at home, spent less time doing revision. =S

It's Sunday, guess better make full use of today to catch up with my studies. Monday & Tuesday will be classes and tutorials ( Oh shit! I have an essay due this Tuesday to Barbie Doll!!). Had been relying on mum to send and fetch me from one place to another cuz my driving license expired 2 weeks ago but haven't got the time to renew it . YAY! That means I'm out from probation period!! =D

Maybe will get my license done by Wednesday early morning, then meet my dentist ( Yes, I have an appointment with my dentist this coming Wednesday), lets hope she doesn't nag again. 'M still thinking whether or not to extract my wisdom tooth ( two of 'em, upper part) thought they didn't cause any pain nor trouble to me, but feels weird to have 'em around ( not that I can bite ppl using both wisdom tooth!). Well, lets listen to the doctor's advices and see how.

Thursday shall go for a medical check up, had been feeling very unwell these days. Blame the weather! Been sneezing for days and now I can literally feel the "air gap" in my lungs when I cough, wheezing and sounds a little like punctured tyres filled with a lot of mucus. Better get rid of these problems before it gets worse. Oh ya! Grandpa's coming on Thursday night! =D Plan to take him out for fine dinning on Friday evening but haven't decide where and what to have for dinner that day.

Been slacking a lot since 2 years ago, guess it is time to sort things out and get my life back. Efficiency is always the important thing but then I left it somewhere sometime ago, so folks, I'm back! It's time to catch up with the world and enjoy life again! =D * BTW, Screw you Yerik and bye bye, go to hell if this please you*

Bitting is not an offence, or it is?

Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things.

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