Monday, November 23, 2009

Smiles? Like I care~

Hypocrites' smiles.
Yes, people are smiling as I walk down the street,
somewhere in their heart they're watching, waiting;
They are waiting for something,
waiting for the downfall,
for the failure and disgrace.
Yet they keep on to the show,
the very same show with the very same SMILES.
They sing praises and flatter others,
they keep the same SMILES on their faces,
the ugly SMILES with wonderful words uttered from the very same mouths.
Guess they never know that we knew.
Or they knew we know,
and the games continue;
They are waiting...
patiently. Eyeing every single opportunity to grab hold of anything,
anything worth the value to put on the show,
with that very same SMILES;
Hah! Like I care~

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